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Exception to the Rule

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All Members , Moderated
Community dedicated to the pairing of Derek and Casey from Life With Derek
Welcome to Exception to the Rule! A community devoted to drabbles centered around the pairing of Derek Venturi and Casey McDonald from Life With Derek.

Challenges are posted on Thursdays.

The Rules
• Each drabble should focus on the primary combination of Derek & Casey. Drabbles focusing soley on pairing either character without the other are not allowed aren't allowed. Triangles and the like are fine.
• Each drabble should be 100 words in length.
• You may post more than one drabble at a time, but no more than three.
• If you post more than one drabble at a time, please put each drabble after the first behind a cut.
• If you post a drabble with NC17 or potentially questionable content, please put it behind a cut.
• Speaking of, if you do post with a mature rating, please lock.
• You may post responses only for the current challenge topic.
• Please put the title of the drabble in the subject line of your post, and include the current challenge, word count, and any warnings or notes in your header.
• Please use header when you post.
• You don't have to post if you join, but it is much appreciated if you do..
• No off-topic posts allowed.
• No crossovers unless allowed by the specific weekly challenge topic.
• To suggest a topic for a weekly challenge, please leave a comment in the Suggestion Box.
• The moderators reserve the right to delete posts that don't adhere to the rules.

All LWD characters and concepts are copyrighted by Daphne Ballon and Shaftsbury Entertainment; this community and its contents are intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No infringement intended.

If you want to affiliate with dasey_drabbles, please contact moderator.