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Exception to the Rule
Dasey drabble-ish thing I just wrote. 
25th-Sep-2007 11:06 pm
; you should be so pretty
134 words.
PG13 for some language.

"Hi." She smiled cooly, smoothing down her pleated skirt.

"Hi." I gave her my patented double D smirk, but the awkwardness remained heavy in the air.

God, it felt like a blind date or something. No. Worse than a blind date, cuz I wasn't getting any at the end of the day. Definitely not. Dad and everyone else in the world would consider it fucking taboo, even though the girl was smokin' hot with innocent gaze and serious curves.

Down, boy.

"So..." I began, really not knowing how to deal with the silence. I usually filled it up with some making out and groping in-between, but like I said before, that, in this situation would be considered BAD.

"So," She repeated, looking around the cafe.

"We're going to be siblings." I wanted to cry.
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